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About Haoxiana

Haoxiana.com is an insurance products vertical search engine. It was established on August 17, 2012 in the west region of Zhongguancun.

In Chinese, "hao" means good and "xian" refers to insurance. So we use it to show our commitment to providing cost-effective insurances to customers. On the other hand, "haoxiana" is an interjection used when people have just narrowly escaped from danger. In this sense, we want the insurances we recommended to be the safeguard in people’s daily lives.

Haoxiana.com is also a price-comparison website of insurance products. We are committed to providing the most extensive and up-to-date information of insurance products and the most professional and authoritative sorted results by comparing their price/performance ratio. By exploring this new sphere in the Internet economy, we aim to developing haoxiana.com into the leading website for customers to search for and purchase insurance products on line.

"Haoxiana.com" creates an advanced sorting algorithm for ranking insurance products according to their price/performance ratio. Through detailed analysis of the insurance products, in-depth investigation of insurance clients, and quantitative analytical methods, the algorithm can realize intelligent adjustment of price/performance ratio index and ranking of insurance products. This algorithm is considered, after the assessment by the senior IT personnel and professors from School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, School of Software and Microelectronics and Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, as the industry's most advanced mathematics method and a good solution to ranking insurance products. With this algorithm, we can help customers get the most cost-effective insurance products in the shortest possible time. "Haoxiana.com," provides customers with one-stop services of searching, ranking, introducing and purchasing insurance products.

Our team members all graduated from Peking University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. They used to work for Tencent, IBM, Bank of Beijing and China Unionpay. In order to bridge the gap between internet and insurance industry, we also hire an actuary and senior insurance salesmen as our consultants.

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